Safety Audits

AuditsandInspections-770x380Our Apporachà Risk Assessment à Technical Expertise à 1. Site Survey; 2. Risk Identification; 3. Risk Reduction; 4. Project Presentation

Service Packages

  1. Standard
    1. Evaluating Significant Fire Hazards
    2. Determining Required Control Measures
    3. Validating Suitable Fire Detection/ Fighting Systems
    4. Standard Reports high lighting the findings and action plans for stake holders
  2. Advantage
    1. Standard +
    2. Detailed Risk Profiling
    3. Evaluating Existing Control Measures
    4. Detailing the emergency plan
    5. Detailing responsibilities of key personnel
    6. Training, information and instruction to all occupants of premise about fire safety
    7. Recommendations
  3. Premium
    1. Advantage +
    2. Disaster Management Assessments
    3. Earthquake and evacuation drills
    4. Terrorism and safety evaluation
    5. Remedial Measures
    6. Data Protection
Process Flow (Downwards) Deliverables (Stage wise)
Client Interaction Requirement Gathering; Scope & SLA
eSCG Team Meeting Evaluation Project Requirement & Complexities; Estimating Time Period; Preparing Audit Checklist; Preparing Risk Assessment Methodology
Client Sign Off Issue Log & Requirement Matric Completion and approved
Site Survey Detailed Systematic Site Inspection; Completed Audit Checklist; Parameters for Risk Assessment
Risk Identification Client Value Creation by reporting trivial and non-trivial risks; Customized contingency planning & advisory; Cost Effective Solutions
Risk Control Report Submission; Project Presentation




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