Delivery Network

globaldeliveryWe understand the importance of Business Continuity Management. In last one year we have added two more delivery centres. Now we have our presence in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Singapore.

Our network of delivery centres helps us to provide uninterrupted services to our clients. As part of the expansion we are also planning to open up our centres in United Kingdom, Hong Kong and United States of America in the coming business year.

Business Continuity Management
Issues Addressed Availability Reliability Recoverability
Solution Enterprise High Availability Service Level Management Business Continuity Planning
Objective Achieve and maintain the chosen availability level of enterprise IT infrastructure Effectively manage & control the IT infrastructure to improve the overall operational reliability Provide an effective plan to minimize downtime of key processes in the event of a major disruption
Emphasis Technology Processes People
Focus Proactive & Preventive Response & Recovery

Program & Project Management

    1. Analysis & Review
      1. Phase – I: Objective Setting & Assessment
        1. Define BCP objectives
        2. Define Project Goals
        3. Steering Committee
        4. Define BCP Policy
        5. Project Organization
        6. Project Team
        7. Identify Criticalities of Business Process & its Workflows
        8. Define Business Functions & its Application
        9. Dependency Matrix
        10. Threat Identification
        11. Risk Assessment

      2. Phase – II: Analysis
        1. Threat & Risk Analysis
        2. Define Recovery Times Objectives
        3. Define Recovery Point Objectives
        4. Conduct Business Impact Analysis
        5. External Dependencies
        6. Impact Analysis
    1. Design & Implementation
      1. Phase – III: Design & Development
        1. Alternative Business Continuity Strategies
        2. Cost Benefit Analysis
        3. Identity Prevention & Migration Measures
        4. Design DR Solution Architecture
        5. Develop Business Continuity Plan & Procedures
        6. Develop Disaster Recovery Plan & Procedures
        7. Define Organization, Hierarchy, Roles & Responsibilities for Continuity Plan
      2. Phase – IV: Implementation & Validation
        1. Implementation of proposed DR Solution
        2. DR Testing (Drill Tests, Communication Test, DR Test etc)
        3. Validation of Test Observation & Plan Revision Recommendation
        4. Business Continuity Management Training & Awareness Program
    1. Sustenance & Support
      1. Phase – IV: Monitoring & Review
        1. Monitoring & Review of BC & DR Plans
        2. Continuous Reviewing Technology Environment to enable effectiveness of DR Solution
        3. BCM involves in all process enhancement engagements in the organization
        4. Conduct periodical external Audit


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